Former President Trump was rushed off the stage by the Secret Service at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, after gunshots rang out on Saturday, leaving two attendees hurt and the alleged shooter dead.

Gunfire broke out shortly after Trump began speaking at the rally at Butler Farm Show grounds.

The Associated Press, citing law enforcement sources, said that the attack on the former president is being investigated as an assassination attempt.

The former president had just begun to fire up the crowd when as many as five shots were heard, and he went down, surrounded by Secret Service agents.

‘And then the worst president in the history of our country took over. And look what happened to our country. Probably 20 million people [came in illegally]. And, you know, that’s a little bit old, that chart… that chart’s a couple of months old. And if you want to really see something that sad, take a look at what happened over…’ Trump said before gunfire rang out.

As they led him away, with what appeared to be blood on his cheek and his right ear, he raised his arms defiantly.

Trump was heard telling his security team, ‘let me get my shoes,’ as they brought him to his feet and hustled him off-stage. 

Donald Trump Jr. confirmed to Fox News Digital that his father is in ‘great spirits’ as he remains under observation, saying that the presumptive Republican nominee is ‘never stop fighting to save America.’

‘I just spoke to my father on the phone, and he is in great spirits,’ Trump Jr. said. ‘He will never stop fighting to save America, no matter what the radical left throws at him.’

Trump’s condition is unclear.

The frantic scene captured rally-goers racing out after shots rang out.

The shooter is dead and two other rally-goers are dead, a law enforcement source told Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich.

In a statement, the Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said that they have ‘implemented protective measures.’

‘An incident occurred the evening of July 13 at a Trump rally in Pennsylvania,’ Guglielmi ‘The Secret Service has implemented protective measures and the former President is safe. This is now an active Secret Service investigation and further information will be released when available.’

In a statement, Trump’s communication director, Steven Cheung, said that the former president ‘is fine.’

‘President Trump thanks law enforcement and first responders for their quick action during this heinous act,’ Cheung said. ‘He is fine and is being checked out at a local medical facility.’

In a statement, President Biden said that he has been briefed on the incident and is ‘praying for him and his family.’

‘I have been briefed on the shooting at Donald Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania. I’m grateful to hear that he’s safe and doing well. I’m praying for him and his family and for all those who were at the rally, as we await further information,’ Biden said.

Biden added that there was ‘no place for this kind of violence in America.’
‘Jill and I are grateful to the Secret Service for getting him to safety,’ he said. ‘There’s no place for this kind of violence in America. We must unite as one nation to condemn it.’

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